8 Ways Digital Signage can be put to Right Use in The Cannabis Dispensaries!

The cannabis industry is yet to establish itself in the retail world that we all live in. The very fact that the cannabis industry is volatile and has many legalities surrounding it accounts for the fact that it has to deal with factors that don’t often prevail in the other retail sectors. With the long prevailing stigmas attached to it, one needs to find ways to subtly establish a wider acceptance than it already has.

A lot of marijuana dispensaries are now adapting to the use of Digital Menu Boards to spread relevant awareness of the products and improve the purchasing experience of shoppers. A marijuana dispensary digital signage is resourceful in ways that it can be put to end number of uses in less time and at a fair cost. The best part is digital signage tend to grab more attention compared to flyers or conventional billboards.

How to make a weed menu?

  • List down all you weed menu items
  • Categorize them
  • Under our App store, click on digital menu board editor 
  • Select ‘Cannabis’ as a category
  • Choose a template of your choice
  • Edit the template with your menu items
  • You can also create a template from scratch

    How Digital Signage can be Employed at Marijuana Dispensaries to get the Best out of Them

    Create the needed awareness:

    A marijuana dispensary digital signage can be used to display the information about the product in more detail, something that customers are mostly not aware of. Half knowledge can be dangerous and digital signage help you cater to a full knowledge spectrum helping you get informed customers.

    Establish brand image

    use of digital signage in cannabis dispensaries

    Display information on how your brands adhere to all the guidelines to create more trust among potential shoppers. You can highlight how your brand works within the parameters of state and federal laws as well as the ways in which your marijuana dispensary is helping users make informed purchases.

    Encourage informed purchases

    With a variety of choices these days, customers are often in a dilemma to make the right purchase. By displaying detailed information on the list of products available at your marijuana dispensary and also keeping a well groomed staff, customers can find it less difficult to zero down their choices to make a purchase.

    Use offers to increase sales

    Market your happy hours or promote the newly introduced or improved products on the digital signage at your marijuana dispensary. Pre-schedule the information of offers for a specific day and time to grab more sales with that offer.

    With the right promotional images, cannabis free menu boards templates and informative video clips, one can pass on the much needed details on the products to customers before they make any purchase.

    Help your staff to serve better

    With users who are new to the use of products in the Cannabis industry, it is evident that they might have lots of questions that your staff might need to answer with clarity.

    With digital signage to support some of it, basic information can be displayed such that your staff can move on to answer specific questions that customers have instead of going to the basics of it all. A better customer service and experience can thus be ensured.

    Connect with your customers using social media

    Social media is one of the best ways you can connect with your customers. While adhering to the social media protocols that are to be followed in the Cannabis industry, you can display your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds to grab more followers and strengthen your reach.

    Offers can be displayed on these feeds for customers to learn about them and plan their purchases accordingly on a regular basis.

    Open your marketing possibilities

    As stated earlier, the marijuana dispensaries do not fall on the same lines yet in the retail sector compared to others. That said, the marketing possibilities for this segment are limited.

    With digital signage, different information as needed can be timed and displayed. By strategically placing the signage in your store, purchases can be induced and right information can be passed on to users for future purposes.

    Offer a better retail experience

    With digital signage placed in your marijuana dispensary, you are taking the retail experience of your customers to a better level. While they might be used to such experience elsewhere but when it comes to the Cannabis industry, this is a step up and a much needed way to market your products.

    While other marijuana dispensaries are yet to have digital signage, you can be a pioneer and grab a loyal group of customers since you managed to comprehend their needs in a better way with digital signage.

    Are you thinking of having a digital signage for your marijuana dispensary but have doubts how it will work out? Reach us out at info@dotsignage.com and we can guide you in everything right from the hardware you need and offer you with our versatile software that can accommodate your needs. or you can try our 7 day free trial to explore more about our solution

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