How to Fix DotSignage App Auto Start Issue on Device Boot Up while using Amazon Firestick with Fire OS 8

Amazon has recently added a new OS update on Firestick – Fire OS 8 due to which many apps are affected on the Amazon store.

These changes have also affected DotSignage on the latest Fire TV or Firesticks with Fire OS 8 – the major issue being auto-start of app on the device boot up. 

Though DotSignage will work with devices using Fire OS 8 but you will face the issue of app auto-start. 

Hence the new models with Fire OS 8 are no longer recommended for purchase and use with DotSignage. 

Please check out our updated hardware list here.

However, if you already have a Fire OS 8 Amazon device, and you wish to set up DotSignage on your Fire TV or Firesticks, please follow our steps below:

  1. Please Download ADB tool from this link:
  2. Use ADB to connect to the device
  3. Once the device is connected, please execute this command to allow the permission to target the device:
adb -s shell cmd appops set com.voolsy.screen SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allow

Please take note that the IP address (in bold) above in the example is You need to replace your own IP address here.

Kindly refer How to find the IP address of your Fire TV Stick to find out your IP address.

Following these instructions might be a bit difficult and we understand that part and are working on an easier workaround.

At the moment, there is no other way to enable DotSignage to work like it does with Amazon Firesticks using OS 7 or below.

Feel free to drop us a quick line on for assistance you might need.

Dimpy Sojitra

Dimpy is a customer success specialist and a content writer at DotSignage. She is adept at crafting engaging as well as informative content to drive traffic. Having closely worked with customers of varied nature, she uses her experience to create content that resonates with audiences and supports customer success initiatives.

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