How to Increase Customer Engagement in Restaurant using Digital Signage?

People go to restaurants to relax, enjoy good food, spend quality time with their friends and family. It’s important they get the best experience apart from the delicious food that they have there. With changing times, it is not just important to cater to your core service but also offer and create ways that will increase your customer’s engagement.

One of the best modes that will assist them in this task is a digital menu boards for restaurants. They are cost-effective, attention grabbing and versatile. Let us explore several ways in which Digital Signage can be employed at your restaurant for several purposes:

10 Ways You can use Digital Signage in Restaurant to Increase Customer Engagement

When customers are waiting at the restaurant, it’s an excellent opportunity to display your offers, history, idea behind your restaurant, core values, speciality and much more. This brings in more connection with your diners and helps them recall you next time they are planning to go out.

Besides, waiting can be a very boring task especially when it’s a weekend and the lounge is full. The Digital Signage in the waiting lounges can be equipped with different kinds of content everyday so it seems more engaging.

Display the current menu so the diners can decide well in advance what to order

digital signage in restaurant to increase customer engagement

What is the most convenient way to display your menu and why?

An economical and easy-to-use digital signage software is the most convenient way to display your menu on TV screen. It lets you manage your menu content and updates from anywhere.

Digital menu boards firstly remove the very drawbacks a paper menu offers. So instead of just having a simple menu with all the items listed, a Digital menu screen gives you the option of having different sections like categories where items can be listed along with the images so a customer knows what the dish will look like.

Newly introduced items can be listed in a special sections and eye-catchy images can be shown for the diners to prompt them placing an order to try them. Different colours on a plate look wonderful and more delicious. When displayed and presented well on a TV screen menu, they not only enhance the engagement level but also help you get more orders.

Highlight your offers so diners can benefit from it

highlight your restaurant offers

While you might have many loyal diners and new customers coming every now and then, what they might never want to miss is to take the benefit of the offers that you are giving. Digital display boards are the best mediums to bring forth the offers that you have on the menu.

The offers can be beautifully designed and its maximum benefits can be very well presented on the Digital Screens. Special offers for long term diners can be created and displayed so others are prompted to get into the loyal team. With such offers created and being displayed on a TV, it is bound to grab more attention.

Establish a unique brand image

promote your brand

With so many restaurants popping up and offering not only delicious but sophisticated food, one always needs to put out more effort in standing out in the lot. Digital Signage help you create a unique brand by helping you showcase what makes you the best.

Images and what we see tend to have an effect on our subconscious and hence one needs to make sure to create the best of what you are bringing to the table. Marketing your services is as crucial as offering them. Its help you establish a place in the crowd and in bringing a quick recall in the diner’s mind for your restaurant.

Upsell items that need your diner’s attention

upsell resturant food menu

Your restaurant is famous for a particular item so much that often better items are not even given a try. To upsell these items, one needs to promote them so they are noticed in the menu. The best way to do that is with digital signage tv.

Prepare a beautiful video on how the item is being prepared or highlight the key ingredients of the dish and display them on Restaurant TV Screen. Diners while waiting for their turn can notice these items and might be interested in ordering them to give it a try. Schedule the content as per the waiting hours to get the maximum benefit for the upsell items.

Build a loyal customer base

build a loyal customer base

Loyal customers are the biggest asset any business can have and same applies to the restaurants as well.

Digital Signage not only help you stand out but also create an atmosphere that is memorable for the diners. One can take the entertainment and engagement level a step ahead with digital screen and build a loyal customer base that will make sure to visit your place at least once a week.

Employ touch screen digital menus

digital menu for restaurant

This will definitely take your services to a new level. Who wants to go through the tedious and boring paper menus when we have the versatile restaurant digital menu ? The diners need not wait for a waiter to take their order. They can simply place the order from the tablet.

Besides, menus that need changes can be done as and when they are needed instead of going through the hustle of getting them printed again. They not only save costs but also increase the engagement level of the diners.

Introduce your chef and staff to create a personal feel

create a personal feel with customer

Your diners definitely need to know the people who are cooking for them and the waiters who are serving them. By introducing a fun video of the staff, it not only creates more of a personal feel for the diners but also makes the staff more valued and appreciated.

This definitely takes your service to a step ahead and makes the dining experience more memorable for the customers.

They can act as a in the window display

window display system for restaurant

Windows are an unutilised space that offer so much potential. By having a digital signage over the windows, you can display content to engage the passing by crowd and who knows, they might just decide to pop in right away.

One of the best ways to get them visit your place is by displaying your current day offer. When the offer is so tempting, they might just give it a try and could just turn out to be your loyal lot.

It’s all in the way you are planning to market your restaurant that TV screen menu can come to your help.

It’s a one-time long-term investment that reaps you good harvest with time. If you are planning to have Digital Signage for your restaurant reach us out at or try our 7 day free trial to get a software solution that will help you manage your content on multiple screens with ease.

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