How Restaurant Consultant can Make More Money with Digital Signage

If you have been actively involved in the Restaurant or Hospitality sector, then you understand the hustle and chaos that goes in the kitchen alongside the calm and deliciousness that is presented in front of the diners.

As restaurant consultants, your job is to make sure that you offer right solutions to your clients such that their existing problems on the operational and marketing side are resolved. Exhaustive POS solutions that are robust and easy to manage are crucial for the daily working of a restaurant be it small or big. Another thing that has been revolutionising this sector is Digital Signage.

When you visit a McDonalds, Burger King or a Subway, you see those giant menu screens that display beautiful food images alongside its price and description. If there is an exclusive running offer, you tend to not miss it out cause it’s quite obvious out there. Ever wondered why that happens? Those offer screens are there for a reason and we all know why! Who wants to invest on a paper menu when they can go for these versatile screens that can be used to display almost any kind of content you need.

When big brands like these decide to put a lot of investment in billions on Digital Menu Boards, it surely calls for a calculated move. With that, it’s time for you as a restaurant consultant to start exploring how digital signage can be included to your offerings if it’s not in there yet. They are a lucrative opportunity that can open up another revenue stream for you altogether.

There are several areas like Branding, Menu Design, Social Media/Marketing, Restaurant Design and training wherein restaurant consultants play an important role. Right from the seating arrangement, the menu design, the menu items, the pricing, the chef, the staff and the branding, everything is taken care of by restaurant consultants. Digital signage can turn into a very important part of each of these functions thus contributing to a better experience diners can have.

Why Restaurant Consultants Must Have to Offer Digital Signage Solution?

So if you are convinced to include digital signage in your offerings, this is a blog for you.

So the first question is where to start for this?

You would be partnered with a restaurant digital signage provider. The only thing for you to figure out is which one is a right fit for your client and also offers a right partnering solution.

Things you should consider while choosing a right solution to manage digital signage:

1. Working of the system: Your end clients are going to use the system. It is your responsibility to figure out which of the many options available in the market is a solution that would be easy to understand by the users, is quick and easily accessible at an affordable rate. You can check out our solution, a digital signage software solution using which content on remote screens can be managed with ease in a matter of minutes.

2. Reliable and robust: You need to suggest to your clients a solution that is going to be with them for the long run and has the ability to handle multiple screens and features. Solutions like these often require constant nurturing in terms of features so you need to go with a system provider that continuously keeps updating their system.

3. Support friendly and easy to reach: Having a provider that understands the need of offering regular and timely support is essential. Make sure that the support provider that you associate with understands and values this point to the extent that whenever your end client needs any help, they can reach out easily and get timely revert.

How can You Make More Money with Digital Signage?

how restaurant consultant can make money with digital signage

Digitalisation is the way to the future. Now, it is even more important and needed since they will help you establish safer ways to deal with your customer needs. Same goes for digital signage.

When it comes to restaurants, digital signage can be used as digital menu boards either inside the restaurant or on restaurant drive thru menu setup. Digital menu boards are swiftly paving their way into the restaurant world and within a few years they would be almost everywhere be it a small dining area or a big one.

Your job here would be to establish the importance of having one in a restaurant and how it would be for the good of both the diners and the restaurant staff.

How Digital Signage Can Generate More Revenue for Restaurant Consultant

1. Opt for a White Label Partnership with a digital signage solution provider

White Label digital signage solution

You can present a software and hardware solution both as a package like your own service to your clients by going for a white label digital signage partnership. With that, your customers will feel it’s your own product however the entire product has been designed, worked on for years and groomed just to be presented as yours.

The best part of this kind of arrangement is that you pay a certain amount for it however you can sell it at a price you feel right with the needed margin giving you opportunities to make as much as you feel right based on the end client. It in a way gives you the flexibility to operate your own product.

Since the solution is in your branding, it creates more goodwill in front of your customers and helps you grow your brand image as well.

2. Include digital signage as a part of your complete package:

Your services as a restaurant consultant are needed in everything right from having the restaurant design, concept and finalising the location. That gives you the ability of offering digital Menu boards or digital ordering via tablets as a part of your services.

A QSR would need digital menu boards to ease out the ordering process during rush hours. A fine-dine would need digital ordering via tablets placed on each table. By including these as a part of the design process, they can be included as a part of the restaurant service from the first day.

The benefit you ask? It helps streamline the ordering process making the table turnaround more better thus affecting restaurant sales. They also help the restaurant establish a modern touch to its services.

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3. Advise your clients to go for digital signs to market and enhance branding

A lot of your existing clients might also need digital signage to establish a better brand image however they still might be going for regular print media. This calls for a lot of cost and time being spent by resources on it.

By having digital signage, one can change the content as needed in a matter of minutes from anywhere. By displaying engaging content, your clients can grab more customers and this work to your benefit too since you bought signage into the picture.

For the better part, digital signage tend to create an impression with the engaging effect that they have. Your clients can choose to have their social media feeds to be displayed on these screens once in a white to immediately connect with the diners.

4. Act as a reseller for digital signage solutions

Every business needs digitalisation and the restaurant industry needs it even more! A lot of your restaurant clients new or old will need digital signage. If you are still deciding whether to go for a White Label Partnership or not, you can meanwhile become a digital signage reseller and churn the market to discover the potential digital signage can offer your business.

As a reseller, you would be reselling digital signage solution of another service provider who has already developed a sturdy digital signage software or hardware but is on the lookout of professionals as you have a built network. The synergy is mutual and has a lot of potential to generate a side stream of income from your business.

Being the reseller would give you the flexibility of handling the selling of the solution as per the need and demand of your clients. It would also in a way save a lot of time and effort of your clients in searching for a right fit since you would be doing it for them.

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5. Go for a digital signage at your personal office space

Instead of just talking about it, it would be nice for your clients to have a look at digital signage live at your office area where you can show them how it can actually add value to their restaurant space.

During discussions you can show them how they can easily manage menus or any other content on the screens with simple user-friendly software like DotSignage. By displaying relevant content like interactive menus or videos or HTML, you can create a level of curiosity among your visitors who can be your future clients. It could so happen that some old clients might as well decide to go for a digital menu board after looking at the impressive display of it at your office.

With this, it would also get easier for you to convince your clients be it new or old to try digital signage. It’s half of your work done making them trust your suggestion when you yourself have it at your working space.

6. Go for a case-study on your website for a client that successfully put digital signage to the right use

Your website is a representative of what you offer and it should surely have a case-study of a big named client of yours that has gone for a digital signage solution.

If you are yet to land one such client, a case study on big known brands that are already using them can be displayed. This would indirectly bring you leads that would want to go for signage helping you improve your sales number. Make sure to display facts and figures in your case study and more details on how digital screens are going to dominate the digital world in coming years.

It would also be nice if you can display the hardware and software rates if you have partnered with any solution provider or just give an idea on the costs involved in having signage. This would make the decision process easier for your visitors and help you get leads that are in a way prepared to make such an investment.

Are you a restaurant consultant who is now intrigued to offer signage as well with their services? Do you want to know more about these and potentially decide to add it to your offerings? Reach us out at for a potential discussion or to get assistance on queries or concerns you might have.

Digital signage are here to stay! Give them a try and you won’t regret it.

Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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