DotSignage: A fresh and improved version of Voolsy Screen! 

We know you loved us as Voolsy Screen, and we love you all for it.

But it’s time to move on. We’ve decided to take the next step on our growth journey and rename ourselves to DotSignage

We’re proud of the work we did for Voolsy Screen, but we feel that the name doesn’t align with our new direction anymore. And so, it’s time to change.

After months of meticulous planning and hard work, the migration has been seamlessly done. We are happy to state that none of our customers have faced any issues or concerns and there has been no downtime.

DotSignage truly reflects what we aim to be. It signifies an end to your search making us your final destination for an all-inclusive signage software.

Ironically, it’s the ‘dot’ that makes us limitless and infinite!

How it all started?

When we started in 2018, the goal was clear – making it easier for our clients to manage content on screens. Within a few months, we managed to solve this problem and realized that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Though there are many options available in the market, the key is to listen to the pain points of your customers and work on it.

Working on the customer feedback with new well-grounded features, system updates, user-friendly interface, app integrations and everything in between, we have grabbed more and more customers on board – majorly for the digital menu board category!

You all have loved our menu board template editor so much that in 2022 alone we have had more than 10000+ unique template creations. We had 5,000+ fresh screens bought organically with 60% of the clients being for digital menu boards.

voolsy screen rebrand as dotsignage solution

What lies ahead?

We have no intentions of limiting ourselves to only one thing. We have several high-volume clients in the retail, healthcare, fitness and entertainment industry and that’s just the start of it. Our focus is to be seen as a brand that gels well with all the needs of any industry.

Today, when we stand among the top 3 ranked signage software’s in the US market, we felt that a name change is prudent and will help us deliver on our goal to be the industry leader in signage software market.

We don’t want your digital sign to leave you—we want it to stay with you.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make sure that you never have to search for a digital signage software again.

The new brand sends clear signals in offering the right solutions for all kinds of signage software needs in every industry. As we are working very closely with a lot of users, we care about their experience with our service, and that’s why we want to make sure they like what they see on our interface.

The name might be new, but the founding values stay strong as ever. Expect the same passion but with a bigger purpose and a much bigger platform.

So, here’s to taking things to the next level!

New Features to be launched soon!

We are launching four new exciting features shortly:

You will be able to preview the content being played on the TV screen

Display latest weather information on your TV screens

Ability of using videos on our digital menu board and canvas editor

YouTube App Integration to stream videos on your screen


What changes if you are an existing customer?

We have ensured the transition is seamless and quick. All our customers do not need to worry about the data and transition, it has happened automatically. You will be redirected to the new login screen and your credentials, content and devices remain the same.

How will the renewal payments be handled?
The renewal process has been automated via Stripe at our end and the process stays the same with no change in the subscription fee.

What if I want to add new screens to my old account?
Drop us an email on and we will do the needful.

Is there any change in your pricing if I am already a customer?
No, there are no changes in the prices of the solution at this point.

Any other query?

Support inquiry: Reach us at

Sales inquiry: Reach us at

Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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