Bagel Market New York, USA

Bagel Market uses digital menu boards to display food items improve customer experience in food ordering.

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About Bagel Market

They also offer variery of other healthy food options that needed to be represented well on digital menu boards. With our software, everything right from any menu or price update got easier once the template design and structre was freezed on our menu board template editor.

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How did DotSignage come into picture?

Bagel Market is employing around 12 digital menu boards at this point, all of them using DotSignage to manage the menu updates, images or anything on the screen for that matter.

Right from using our menu board template editor, playlist to advanced scheduler, they have put every offering of DotSignage to good use.

The fully customizable bagels and sandwiches that Bagel Market offers needed a menu board representation that made it easy for the customers to navigate their choices while placing orders. Our digital menu board solution accompanied with a client-specific created menu design enabled it to serve their customers quickly and properly.

Core features being used!

Simplified features helping in adding more value to the services at Bagel Market!

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Advanced Scheduling

Helps in planning the content well in advance

drag and drop

Drag and Drop Template Editor

Customized templates that can be easily edited with our menu board editor

digital menu board

Amazing Slideshows

An interesting mix and match of menu boards, eye-popping food images and videos

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How things changed after DotSignage at Bagel Market?

  • The menu updates could be done quickly and easily from anywhere so customers can be informed on items out of stock or new items that have been added to the menu.
  • The extensiveness of the menu was eased out with the clean display on digital menu boards.
  • The ordering time got much quicker improving the customer experience
  • The menu board managed to grab more attention and intrigue customers to try new items
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