32 Digital Signage Statistics that Prove its Effective and that it Works 

We have stated this before and we very well would like to repeat this – the power of digital communication cannot be underestimated! Now more than ever. Digital signage can be a very effective tool for digital communication.

To back it up, today we are bringing you 32 proven statistics for digital signage in different industries that show how useful they can be.  

If you are still in jitters about employing them for your business, read on and we are sure this infographic will help.

32 Statistics on Digital Signage that Prove it Works

Digital Signage Statistics – establishing basic numbers! 

  • Digital Signage increase effective of brand awareness by 47.7% 
  • Digital displays are said to have captured 400% more views than static displays 
  • Image visuals tend to grab 35% more views than text–based information 
  • Around 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is in visual format 

Digital Menu Boards for restaurants in the hospitality sector – helping customers grab more orders 

  • Digital menu boards at restaurants increase the average sales by 3-5% 
  • 29.5 % of the customers feel digital menu boards tend to influence their decision on purchasing of a menu item. 
  • 8 out of 10 digital menu board viewers made an unplanned purchase after looking at digital menu boards 
  • 88% of the QSR restaurants are planning to switch to digital menu boards 
  • 74% of the customers at restaurants feel that digital menu boards are their top priority 
dotsignage digital signage statistics for all industries use
dotsignage digital signage statistics for all industries digital display

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Digital signage for the retail sector – helping brands build loyal customers 

  • Digital Signage Screen bring about an increase in customer satisfaction by 46% 
  • Advertising display on Digital Signage display increase the average purchase amount by 29.5% 
  • Digital signage increase the repeat purchases by 32.8% 
  • Digital signage reduce perceived wait time and improve queue management by 35% 
  • 80% of the brands using digital signage found increase in overall sales by 33% 
  • 76% of the customers enter any store because of digital signage 
  • 68% of the Americans decided to purchase a product because digital signage caught their eyes 

Digital Signage for Corporate – to increase employee engagement  

  • Corporate presentations that use digital signage found that visual aids affect brand awareness by 43%. 
  • More than 25% of the corporate companies include digital signage campaigns in their multichannel campaigns 
  • Around 50% of the corporate communication professionals use digital signage 
  • Employee recognition via digital signage help increase their productivity and hard work by 60% 
  • Digital signage increase employee engagement by 4X 

Digital Signage for Education sector – helping you educate better! 

  • Around 96% of the students notice and recall information on digital signage  
  • More than 40% of the educational institutes still do not have an emergency mechanism. Digital signage can be used here for emergency messaging. 
  • 97% of the students prefer information via digital channels over others 
  • 96% of the students feel that videos improve their learning experience 
  • More than 73% of educational institutes consider digital signage as an important part of future communication. 

Digital Signage in the Health Care sector – helping you care for your patients in a better way 

  • $12 billion worth of health funds are wasted every year due to inefficient communication 
  • 83% of the patients spend most of their time interacting with hospital’s digital content  
  • 52% of the patients get some useful health information via digital signage  
  • 27% of the doctors found and connected with doctors via digital messaging 
  • 78% of the patients actively seek for digital health solutions 
  • Around 27% of the patients are connected with the doctors via digital messaging. 

To sum it up, digital signage reach around 135 million in a week. If you are looking to expand your business and grab more customers, it’s about time you start using digital signage to connect with your customers digitally.

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