How can Digital Menu Help Your Dispensary to Stand Out Among Others?

With the legalization of marijuana, the cannabis industry has added value and surely forged its way towards growth. It is expected to grow by 26.7% compared to last year in the US. With this comes a part of responsibility as well that dispensaries can fulfill by ensuring that right information is being passed on to customers.

Then there comes the question of customer experience. As underestimated this term is, it is one of the most important driving factors for any industry. Now, we are not talking about the kind of pleasant customer experience that you have over phone calls from your favorite brands post your purchase or the one where you have your queries/concerns resolved over phone calls. Surely the in-store experience counts for something!

One would not mind spending an extra dollar at a dispensary where they experience great service. With the right use of technology, the in-store customer experience can establish a pleasant and better version of itself. For the cannabis industry, having tablet digital menu could be a start of it!

With this blog, we will explore how tablet menus can be used at dispensaries and how they can supplement customer needs.

How Tablet Digital Menu Improve Customer Buying Experience in Dispensary Store?

1. As a help for customers to search the right product

Not everyone of your customers will be aware of the ins and outs of all the cannabis products at your dispensary. It might so happen that licensed cannabis products might be brand new to them as well. Information on the brand, its credibility, the content of the product, the growth process apart from several other important details need to be presented the right way. Tablet menus come into picture for this.

digital menu for cannabis dispensary

Instead of going for the long prints of catalogues for each of these products, you can easily present them on tablets and the visitors are free to explore and choose as needed. They can act as a kiosk display for customers who want to browse through the list of items and make an informed search.

2. To display information customers should be aware of

Here comes a very important part. Customers need to know certain information about a product before they purchase it. Details like the quantity of use at a time, the cannabinoid and terpene content, the health conditions might not be suitable for and many other things a cannabis industry expert might know.

Some customers might know exactly what they want while others are exploring before coming to a decision. Digital menus help in aiding this process since any information you need can be vividly displayed on it.

3. To highlight new arrivals or brands

There might be certain brands that are preferred ones and have a good credibility standing. By displaying such brands, you can ensure that your customers get the product of the right brand and quality.

There might also be new arrivals that are much better than what you already had. Display details on how they are better and more refined. Visitors might decide to give them a go and those arrivals might turn out to be your most ordered item of the week/month.

4. To display credentials and licenses of your dispensary

This is a deciding factor on the rate of repeat visits you will get from your visitors once they have come to your dispensary. Displaying your licenses and credentials will relieve them of any doubts about the genuineness of their purchase.

With digital menus, you can display your license and credentials so users know they are in a safe zone and can be free enough to explore what they are looking for.

Benefits of having tablet menus at dispensaries

1. They are user-friendly

Who doesn’t know how to operate a tablet these days or for that matter a phone? With tablets at your dispensary, visitors can explore details easily without any guidance needed from the staff.

Digital menus play a crucial role here since a lot of visitors who are exploring products might have several questions. During rush hours, it might be equally taxing for your staff to tend to them. Digital menus can act as a guide for them and help them get answers to questions they might have. The staff can focus on other things and this can add on to a better customer experience at your dispensary.

2. They are more engaging compared to static displays

Digital menus outshine static displays in every way possible! They are easy to update, do not require reprints, user-friendly and adaptive to different settings.

 A visitor will be intrigued to check out what all products are being showcased and then go on to make a purchase. If they are in a waiting line, they could be handed over tablets that have informative content related to the industry to create more engagement. The possibilities are endless.

Dispensaries can save on the static displays and the reprints. Digital menus call for one-time investment on the hardware and a minimal payment annually/monthly for the software.

3. They tend to grab more attention

Well, mobile devices or for that matter, tablets do tend to grab attention! Why? Cause they are already a source of engagement for this age. If your dispensary is the first one in the locality to employ digital menus, it is definitely going to get attention and get you an extra edge over others.

The usability factor of tablets cannot be ignored. Besides, almost everyone these days knows how to operate one. A visitor could pass by a static display and ignore it but they would surely take note of a tablet to check out what is being offered! This helps in increasing the conversion rates.

4. They can be used for multiple purposes

Tables could be used to display information about the products you are offering, information on anything related to your industry, your licences, credentials, engaging videos or to promote offers.

The possibilities are many and they can be used as needed. The best part is they don’t require a genius to manage them. Now, all you need to do is get started with having them at your dispensary.

Are you a dispensary owner? Convinced enough to have a digital menu at your dispensary? Reach us out at to know more about our solution and how we can help you!

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