Top 7 Reasons why Your Warehouse Needs Digital Signage Today and How it can Benefit You!

The duties at a warehouse require a lot of attention, efficient coordination and precision on everyone’s part. Spread across a huge area of land, often the accuracy of communication and the promptness of it would be much needed. 

With phones, this can be easily achieved but then they as well have limitations. Establishing a coherent supply chain is not a one day task or an easy job. 

To have operational efficiency, on-time inventory and workflow management and automated internal communication, warehouse signage could be put to a good use. To start with, they might just require some good planning to get into implementation mode. Some budget planning to get the hardware but then it all ends there. 

Once you have digital TV screen spread across several sections of the warehouse, managing them is quite easy. With the seamless digital signage software , you could go on to display anything on the screens from anywhere.

Use Cases of How to use Warehouse Signage?

1. Easier Wayfinding

warehouse way finding digital screen

Navigating through a warehouse is no joke! It becomes quite a task for new employees or anyone who has come to the warehouse for the first time. 

By having a wayfinding solution, it gets much easier and relaxing. You cannot expect anyone to be particularly present there to guide anyone when they are lost or don’t know which way to go. 

The best part is since there will definitely be a lot of digital signage screens in the warehouse to put help signs on, the administering team at the place won’t have to go through the trouble of updating each one of them manually. 

2. Better internal communication

warehouse message announcement

Employees who have been working at the warehouse are always up on their sleeves and need to be attentive since they have a lot of things to take care of. 

Right from stocking the right items on shelves, handling forklift operations, managing packing to dispatch to handling paperwork, the task sheet can have lots of variations in your job and on-time coordination would be the key to productivity here. 

With digital signages, especially if the organization has multiple of them, it would be a necessity to have a software using which updates at all these locations can be managed with ease. 

3. Efficient inventory management

A lot of businesses often face issues in inventory due to delay in shipments that often happen due to lack of coordination between several teams across warehouses. 

This inadvertently affects the supply chain leading to price increase, delivery delays leading to a lot of issues for the end customer. Around 30% of businesses experience delays in shipment due to products being out of stock. 

With the right warehouse management software accompanied with a warehouse signage software, these hurdles can be reduced and incidents of problems arising due to lack of proper inventory management or stock shortages can be reduced gradually. 

4. Instant emergency messaging

fire alarm warning on tv screen

There could be a work emergency that requires attention that could vary according to the situation. A lot of times it could be that just a few departments need to be informed about certain emergency situations like say dispatch and loading issues on a particular vehicle might not be a concern of every employee in the warehouse. 

On the other hand, if you have a fire in the warehouse that would be something that needs all the employees to be considered. Digital signages could be of help in both the situations to get the emergency protocols activated.

5. Improves work culture and coordination

warehouse employee interaction

The culture at the warehouse definitely needs as much of an attention as any other workplace. With the kind of workload that employees often face at the warehouse, digital signages could be used to make them feel connected to everyone at the headquarters and the management team leading them remotely. 

Since all the employees at their workplace in the warehouse have to go through a lot of physical activity, you can go on to display healthy food habits, exercise habits and several stress busting activities that could help ease out daily work pressures.

6. Use google sheets to display figures or work plans

warehouse google sheet

This is one another good way to display your google sheets real time to establish good coordination between team members of the same department. The process of linking these sheets to the software is easy and the best part is that it shows real time updates. 

Many huge warehouses in fact use a lot of google sheets to manage monthly or quarterly data. If warehouses are not looking to spend a lot on warehouse management softwares, with google sheets and a perfect signage software to display the content, the job will be done just fine.

7. Offer better employee engagement

warehouse employee engagement

Employee engagement is as important an activity as the culture of the organization. Engaged employees do more and stay loyal. 

With digital signage, a lot of good content like streaming of events, showcasing the company vision and mission, highlighting employee of the month, showcasing good birthday wishes  and a lot more can be achieved. 

Make predefined templates for every kind of such occasion and just edit them as needed to make things live quickly. Signage software also offers the ability of scheduling such content well in advance to make things easier for the admin staff managing them. 

Digital signage could help save around 40% of the losses incurred due to operational problems or management issues at the warehouses. With digital signage, you can ensure that they are minimised thus leading to better operational efficiency. 

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Smit Nebhwani

Smit Nebhwani is a tech entrepreneur with expertise in successfully building SAAS based products. Boasting over a decade of experience in the startup sector, he takes pleasure in sharing valuable insights on all facets of SAAS products. His extensive experience in the digital signage sector has established him as a reputable authority in the industry, and he channels this expertise through some valuable content. In his free time, Smit enjoys music, travelling and spending time with his family.

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